Data Center

Generator Control Panel

34.5KV to 12.47Kv

Substation & Transmission Line

Data Center


Substation Control Panel

Solar Titan Turbines

Under Construction

Design Build

Solar Titan 130

Gas Turbines

Under Construction

Substation Control panel

Design Build

Substation Control Panels

Installed in Power Module

Substation Conrol Panels

View of Wiring

Wind Farm Substaion

69KV to 34.5KV

6MW Peaking Plant

Design Build Project

Control Panels under Construction

In B&A Shop

69KV to 12.47KV


Land Fill Waste To Energy

Co Gen Plant

10MW Peaking Plant

Soalr Titan 130

Design Build Project

Under Construction

Coordination and Arc Flash Studies

Breaker Settings

Arc Flash Analysis

Cattle Feedlot

Waste to Energy Project

Under Construction

Equipment Relocation

Removal of 2MW Generator

in a 10' x 40' Enclosure

Peaking Plant

Cooling Towers and Exhust System

Piper Seneca II

Company Plane

Gas Turbine Plant

Fredericktown, MO


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